Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did I mention...?

On my commute home from work a few weeks ago the train was packed.  I'm assuming that all of the Northbound Brown Line trains were running late because by the time I got up to the platform it was overflowing with people-- not normal.

Anyway, I was forced to stand and hold a pole for balance but was so wedged in by others that I didn't really have a good grip.   Did I also mention I had no cash to get on the train that day so I was forced to run down to 7-11 and buy a $1.99 Gatorade to get cash back to put on my CTA card in order to avoid the $3.00 ATM fee?

So there I am, wedged in and gripping my purse, a pole, and a sealed full bottle of Gatorade on a train that was running late.  I guess because of the lateness, the conductor saw the need to speed down the tracks in order to make up for lost time.  Then... it happened.  The conductor slammed the breaks as he was approaching a stop and my 20 ounces of delicious Fierce Grapey goodness goes FLYING and hits the wall of the train, ricocheting off and hitting the head of a seated female passenger then continues to fall onto her PREGNANT belly.


I have never been more mortified in my life.  Forget the fact that I lost my footing and fell into the man standing next to me-- sure that would have been enough to make me blush but instead I had to flipping injure this poor and unsuspecting pregnant woman's unborn child.

Fast forward 10 years from now... I'm probably the reason that kid won't understand math.

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