Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sick and stupid

First of all, this post is over two weeks old when I wrote it. I guess I never posted it... So here it is, whoever wants to waste a good 10 minutes of their time, I promise by the end of this you'll be saying, "Dang, she stupid."

Okay, so I'm sick and stupid and here's why:

Woke up this morning coughing up little bits of lung and called my step mom for help.  She told me I could call this service provided by my temporary insurance policy that allows me to talk to a doctor, tell him my symptoms, and have a prescription be phoned into the pharmacy.  I said, "What is this Europe?" Seriously, if that's not wave of the future, I don't know what is.  So awesome.  So anyway, my doctor was a real delight, great and easy to talk to.  He prescribed me some antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Great. So my step mom reminds me to print off my new drug card to bring into the pharmacy to pick up the prescription.  Great.  Oh wait... Shit.  I've gone super long without replacing the black ink in my printer (Even so far as a few weeks ago I printed my resume off in a very dark navy blue. Say something! Ink ain't cheap!)  I quickly resigned myself to the fact that I was a total dummy for putting off buying ink for this long and now I'm going to have to pay.  So I put on all my gear; coat, hat, scarf, I get all bundled up and head out down the street to the Office Depot.  The worst part about this experience, let me just say, the Office Depot is conveniently situated right next to the pahrmacy I have to go to... Not like I can just pick my prescription up though after I buy the ink-- I still have to go home and print off the drug card, remember? My stupid ass... I literally hate myself for not getting to this printer sooner, typical me.  So two trips, here we go...

So I'm crossing the parking lot, fighting to breathe in the harsh 45 degree air, and literally as the two sliding doors open on me I stop and think "Son of a... Did I even CHECK to see the specific TYPE of ink I need?"  No. The short answer is no. I most certainly did not.

So I'm sick and stupid.  I bought what I thought I needed and thank GOD, I got the right one.  The sales clerk had a nice laugh at my expense, though.

So I got home, loaded up the printer, printed the drug card, and headed BACK OUT to the Jewel to get this medicine.  Of course, OF COURSE the pharmacist then tells me I printed the wrong card.  So then he tells me I have to pay full price, print the right card and bring it back for reimbursement.

Which I never did.

Sick and stupid, sick and stupid.

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