Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey Blog,

Happy Thanksgiving.
My Pop pop died yesterday morning. I spent all day yesterday grieving, sleeping, crying, sleeping some more, and putting up a Christmas tree.  I am feeling less crazy today. My mom was fortunate enough to be with him when he took his last breath. She told him his parents were waiting for him, and that made me feel better.
The funeral is not until Saturday, so I am spending Thanksgiving here in Chicago surrounded by good friends and food. I am honored because my grandmother asked me to read a passage during the service. My brother and I will both be doing that. It almost reminds me of my grandfather's birthday back in 2001.  We surprised him at church. My brother and I processed in holding the torches and he was completely blown away.  Yeah, I was a big churchy kid growing up. Served on the altar as an acolyte and loved it.

Anyway, the service will be special.  It will be in New York in the church my parents were married in and I was baptized in.  It's church my grandmother still serves on the altar guild for.  All of my family will be there and I am excited to be "home". 

I am very content.  Sitting here on the futon, Christmas tree lit up, sipping a glass of wine with Kait and Ryan, Hawks on in the background (side note, I just mistyped the last word as Bachround. Is that when Bach is playing music in the background? Maybe. Was that a terrible attempt at a joke? Most definitely).  Just made a peach and berry pie I am freezing until tomorrow.  Kait just put on some Coheed-- Haha, feeling nostalgic.  Nicole and Eric are on the way home with Ian's special this month, Thanksgiving pizza!!!  That's turkey, gravy, stuffing, and I think mashed potatoes.  On a pizza.  Can't wait.

They're here now. So I'm going to stuff my face tonight and then fast for the rest of the day tomorrow.
Quickly just wanted to say
Eric just asked me to type a paragraph about him... Not happening.
I forgot to mention last night my roommates gave me daises and we went out for Mexican.  Queso, Salsa, Chimichangas, and Margaritas!  It was delicious and the perfect remedy to a terrible no good very bad day.
I told the ladies for my birthday I wanted to get mani pedis at this place that also massages you. Nicole then said "Where?" and I said, "This place on Southport" she then replied, "No... Where do they massage you?"

Okay, Blog... Anyway. It's freaking cold here. And it's supposed to snow tomorrow.  I hope so.
I'll talk to you after I come back from New York.
Love you like a half sister.

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